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All Our Vegetarian Pizzas, can now be Selected with Vegan Option.

Pizza Bases – Our Pizza Bases Do NOT Contain any Animal Products

Cheese – We use the MyLife Bio Cheese as it is the closest cheese to the Mozzarella in terms of flavor & melt. This High Quality Cheese cost Extra to use on our pizzas: Small – $2, Large – $3.50, Family – $5

Pesto – We have home made Vegan Pesto that will be used when you choose the Vegan Option on our Pizzas

Aioli – We will be using Vegan Mayo instead of Aioli on a pizzas that have condiments on them.


Very Soon We will be introducing New VEGAN ONLY Pizzas & Other Meals as well.




We have Gluten FREE Pizza Bases that can be used with any Pizza.
Generally most of our ingredients are Gluten FREE As we use ONLY High Quality Ingredients on all our Pizzas.

Following is a List of Ingredients that are NOT GLUTEN FREE:
- Hot Salami
- Mild Salami
- Chorizo
- Kofta Meat
- Mild Beef Sausage
- Paper Help
- Hot Beef Sausage
- Italian Sausage

When choosing a GF Pizza please Exclude any of these items.


We have Gluten FREE Penne Available

GLUTEN FREE Meals & Sides

All Our Parmas, Fried Food ( Chips, Calamari ), Chicken Wings, Chicken Tenderloins are Gluten FREE.

Disclaimer: Although our Gluten Free menu items are made, prepared and cooked on dedicated equipment and surfaces, we cannot guarantee that our pizza and other menu items are 100% free of gluten as there is always a possibility of trace amounts
crossing over from other kitchen areas. Please consider this when ordering from our menu.